Last night I spent time looking through some of my pictures on my external hard drive. I found so many memories that I had forgotten about. Interesting that for some even though I am smiling at the camera, I can still remember I wasn't having the greatest day. For those of you who have been [...]


I should be sleeping

Good night!

In the end, it will all be well.

I recently experienced a very sad disappointment, I saw it coming but a big part of me  hoped for a happier ending. Since then its been slow progress of accepting that sometimes, one must find the strength to sever ties, stand up and walk away. The thing about witnessing a beautiful sunrise is that (at [...]

Ferry rides.

My cantankerous old camera just about broke my heart the other day, it  wont work 😦  I hope this year I get a new camera and if possible even take part in a photography workshop. At least this has encouraged me to look into photos I took a while back. In December 2010, 4 of [...]