What we do in winter.

A week ago the kids 2 week vacation came to an end, just wanted to share with you some of the things they got to do 🙂 We sat on the sidewalk and watched the Parade... I am beginning to believe at least in this corner of Peru, there are parades for anything under the [...]


where your treasure is…

 I was showing my Peruvian friend pictures of home today when I stumbled over some pictures of my stay in the USA. Looking through them, I sure regret not taking more, I hope I get to go back oneday and when I do I have promised myself to take more time taking pictures. Hopefully I [...]

Labour Day with Sandra Dee.

My friend/sister, Sandra has come to visit me for 3 weeks. She is an American girl who lives and works in Uganda. We met at a Bible School in Montana USA in 2010 and the rest is as they call it, is history. I love having her around 🙂 I live 30 minutes away from [...]