May I never loose the wonder.

I have been back in Pikangikum for two weeks now. Yesterday I took my camera with me as I did work and errands. Since it was too cold to take time on one shot, it was pretty much point, shoot and keep walking 🙂


Santa Claus is coming to town.

It started off with my friend receiving a phone call from from an excited little girl Marlena, "Colleen please can you give us a ride to the airport, Santa is coming!" An hour later Colleen and I had 15 kids in her suburban and we made our way to the airport. Turns out the news [...]

Freeze up.

This year winter has been late. Last year by the first week of November, freeze up had began. This week is the first week were we have had consist negative Celsius. Since Pikangikum relies heavily on the winter road (driving over lake) to connect to the rest of the world some were concerned that it [...]

Draped in white.

For the first time in two weeks, the sun is out (albeit for a short time). It is hard to do any studies ( or edit photos) when all I want to do is stare at the sun! These pictures were taken this morning when I went for a walk. We had our first big [...]

Ice Fishing

My friend Lola invited me to join her and her family ice fishing this afternoon and I readily accepted. I said this to you during the summer, I have found I really enjoy fishing. I can close my eyes right now and feel the warm summer sun, the occasional gentle breeze, I can see those [...]


January was a month of way too much grief in Pikangikum, according to locals its been awhile since so much saddeness happened in a space of 10 days. I will not delve into the details of what went on. In the process of being there for those who had lost so much I am filled [...]